• ​​Lifetime access to all summit recordings: repetition is the first law of learning, with the recordings you can come back over & over to key sessions, download to watch offline and find everything easily as each speaker has their own module
  • ​​​​Interactive Q&A sessions: so many new thoughts & ideas come to mind after learning this material, membership comes with additional LIVE sessions with a selection of our speakers totally dedicated to answering your questions
  • Live events all year long: the Quantum Biology Collective hosts book talks, discussions, research reviews and other live zoom events about once a month for the community, they are really popular and a provide a feeling of community with others on the path
  • ​Full Access to the QuantumHealthTV Library: there are interviews and videos on all kinds of topics related to quantum biology, as well as recordings of all the previous live community events in QHTV library, QBC membership includes access to these videos immediately 


  • ​​1 YEAR membership to the Quantum Biology Collective is usually $120 USD, BUT from now until the Summit launches it will be only $97, including the recordings of the summit and all the follow up Q&A calls with the speakers. 
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The paradigm is changing, as we shift toward a revolutionary new approach to human health. 

It's pioneers like you who are leading this change. 

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